In order to start the workshop there are a few things that we will have to install or set up.


If you don't have Rust installed in your machine yet, please follow these instructions.

Visual Studio Code

You can use whatever IDE you want but we're going to use Visual Studio Code as our code editor.

If you're going to use Visual Studio Code as well, please install the following extensions:


This is the tool and platform that we're going to use to deploy our backend (api & database).

You can follow this installation guide or just do:

cargo install cargo-shuttle


Dioxus is the framework that we're going to use to build our frontend.

Be sure to install the Dioxus CLI:

cargo install dioxus-cli

After that, make sure the wasm32-unknown-unknown target for Rust is installed:

rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown


We will also need to have Docker installed in order to deploy locally while we're developing the backend.


We will use DBeaver to connect to the database and run queries. Feel free to use any other tool that you prefer.


We will also use cargo-watch to automatically recompile our backend when we make changes to the code.

cargo install cargo-watch


Finally, let's install cargo-make:

cargo install cargo-make

We're going to leverage cargo-make to run all the commands that we need to run in order to build and deploy our backend and frontend.