Injecting the repository

Ok, so now we have our shared library working both for the frontend and the backend. We have our FilmRepository trait and even a Postgres implementation of it. Now we need to inject the repository into our handlers.

If you take a look again at the file of our api-shuttle crate, you will see that we were already sharing the sqlx::PgPool between the handlers.

We will do the same with the FilmRepository trait.

Creating a PostgresFilmRepository struct

Let's create a new instance of the PostgresFilmRepository struct in the file of our api-shuttle crate:

- let pool = actix_web::web::Data::new(pool);
+ let film_repository = api_lib::film_repository::PostgresFilmRepository::new(pool);
+ let film_repository = actix_web::web::Data::new(film_repository);

- cfg.app_data(pool)
+ cfg.app_data(film_repository)

Once you apply this change, everything should compile and work as before.

Commit your changes:

git add .
git commit -m "inject film repository"